We completely understand. That is why all our fixtures come with the guarantee that you will love it or you can send it back (you can read our guarantee here). In the nine years we've been in business, almost no one has. What we generally hear from our customers is that the fixture exceeded their expectations.

The best and most up-to-date information on our products is here on the website.  You can print out the entry for each particular product as a one-sheet, or you can sort by category and print out information on all products we offer in that category.

If the website doesn't answer all your questions, you can either call or email us anytime. If we don't answer immediately, we can usually get back to within a few hours.

Definitely. Easy-to-follow instructions are included with all of our lighting. As a general rule, pendants hang from their cord, and linear fixtures hang by two small included hooks. If you know how to handle a wire nut, you may not even need an electrician.  And if you have any questions, someone here is usually on-hand to walk you through it.

Most of our lighting comes with a very simple white metal canopy, 5" x 5". Our smaller pendants hang from that canopy from their electrical cords. Our linear fixtures come with two small nickel-plated hooks to hold the wait of the piece, along with an electrical cord strain reliever to make sure the electrical cord is straight (see picture on the right).

Not as much as most people think.

For, example, the Tribeca Banqueting Chandelier, representative of an approximate average size and weight of the lighting we sell - weighs only about 14 lbs total.  If any thoughts occurred to you about reinforcing your ceiling, lose those thoughts: any ceiling can easily hold the weight of all of our lighting.

Yes. We work with credentialed designers all the time. The level of discount depends on volume. Please register on our trade program in order to take advantage of it.

Yes - all our fixtures come with a one-year warranty. For those details please click here.

 Our fixtures are made with 100% UL-listed components, but the fixtures are not themselves listed (UL makes it difficult for small artisan studios like ours to cost-effectively list all our fixtures).

​If you would like a fixture in one of those collections UL listed, please let us know at the time of your order and we can run it over to get it certified at a UL testing facility for a small upcharge. You can either mention this requirement in the notes section when you purchase online, or just email us at after your purchase. As at this writing, the upcharge is roughly $35 per socket.  Please note that there is no difference between one of our fixtures which has been listed versus the same fixture which has not been. All our lighting is fabricated in accordance with UL specifications.

We ship all fixtures free anywhere throughout the continental United States. Free shipping applies to retail purchases only, and cannot be combined with any discounts. As we are a small independent company, any return shipments would be at the customer’s cost. Any replacement or upgraded orders will incur standard shipping charges. If a customer wishes to use their own shipping service, we will gladly cooperate to make items available for pick-up. Just let us know how you want to arrange it.

Shipping within the continental US - Free for non-sale items sold at retail price. All other shipping is done at UPS's ground rate, and passed onto the customer. It's almost always pretty reasonable, rarely exceeding 6% or so of the purchase price.

International Shipping: For our customers outside the United States, shipping charges will be added to your order prior to checkout .  If your country charges tariffs/duty in excess of our listed shipping charge, we reserve the right to contact you to cover the difference prior to shipment. If you work with your own shipping company, we would be happy to work with them. Please contact us to make those arrangements. We use UPS (United Postal Service) for international shipments, and DHL for international air shipments (for when it needs to get there quickly and you don't mind paying a buck or two to make that happen).

for more information regarding Michael McHale shipping policies, please see our shipping policy page