Bushwick Lantern Crystal Pendant Standard Edition

Bushwick Lantern Crystal Pendant Standard Edition

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16"h x 12"l x 12"w

The Bushwick Lantern continues the MMD tradition of creating new lighting forms out of familiar shapes. Here, four simple frames (Either all black steel, or with black steel horizontal and brass vertical frames) are discreetly connected together to hold in place a double-curtain wall of crystal prisms, all of which create a spectacular and memorable modern pendant.


The two alternating rows of high-quality, optically-pure crystal create a cube of light and refraction, throwing off rainbows all over the room. 

The Bushwick Lantern comes in two styles:  this Standard Edition and the Smart Edition which contains electronic equipment to control your smart home.

This Standard Version comes with two incandescent refrigerator bulbs. and works like a standard pendant light.

It hangs from a slender steel cable attached to a plain white 5" canopy.